Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Be Positive Always..


Sedang asyik membelek buku tort yang tebalnya boleh dibuat bantal di dalam kelas, tiba2 ternampak tulisan dekat penanda buku yang dah berkurun lama dibeli,tapi tak pernah baca apa yang tertulis dekat situ..*tarik penanda buku*

Then,bila dah baca at a glance, baru perasan, ayat2 kat situ macam nak bagi motivasi dekat aq..it suit my situations now.. ; )  Thanks cik penanda buku yang dibeli di MPH Melaka..ha3..so,here the quotes..

Be Positive Always..- by Sakinah Zaini     n_n

Never give up before you even try,                           
Nothing is really over until you stop trying,            

Never say it's impossible,                                                   
before you pursue the way you think it's possible.           

Never make yourself feel less worthy,                               
By comparing yourself with others.                                      

Never allow obstacles to stop you,                                  
Confront and transform them to opportunities.                 

Believe in working hard towards your future.              
Take a step at a time to reach your goals.                          

Always believe in yourself,                                                
Your happiness is in your hands.                                          

For if you keep staying positive,                                      
you can make your dreams come true!!                                

I might be not as good as you,but at least I try.. ; )

Sekarang,mula rasa kesusahan,kepayahan bila belajar..Ok,mane ada benda senang..Kalau semua benda senang,memang semua orang boleh berjaya tanpa usaha kan..Kena baca banyak buku untuk satu2 subjek.. Can't depends only at one book..Need more information for more understanding..So,as mentioned at the picture above,yes,I'm not good as others who easily can understand and answer very good in exams..So,aq sedar,aq kena double-study than my friends..For my own sake,i want to change..Please pray for me..I'm not trying to show off that i'm good..I'm a student,i need to read a lot..Like always i do,i'm hungry,i need to eat a lot..yeahhh!!peace.. n_n

One more reminder for my ownself,don't shame..Just ask..Tak dosa pun kalau bertanya.. ; )  I need and always welcome any comments from all of you..Tegur je kalau aq malas belajar,asyik2 main game, hadap fb dengan blog je keje..keh2..

Dah,cukup sampai sini..Nak siap2 pi kelas UNGS.. Thanks for reading.. Assalamualaikum..

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