Saturday, March 5, 2011

saya sibuk..maaf kn saya..

update ringkas..utk kwn2,sori sbb after this akan jarang update blog..juz for 2 weeks i think..i want to focus on my final..recently,i'm busy right now..busy doing my assigmnt that need to send via email on the first day of our final..that's mean just 4 days to go to settle down this assigmnt..pray for me that i can finish my assigmnt ASAP..i want to study just like my other, it's not our fault doing this assigmnt late, but we just got the assigmnt this week..*pelik kejap..knp speaking ni..ha2..

so,bkn bermaksud kitaorg mls,lengah2 kn keje..nehi2..dah 2 ari aq g library semata2 nk cr kes tau..x dpt jugak local kes..last2,terpaksa pkai english case..haiyaahhh..hrp2 la diterima assigmnt ni..ok la..nk siapkn keje..nanti dh abis final,kita ronggeng sama2 k..he3..

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